2nd Neurogenesis Conference, Bahamas, 2019

Start Date : March 5, 2019
End Date : March 8, 2019
Time : 2:00 pm to12:00 pm

Phone : 441638724137
Email : admin@fusion-conferences.com

Location :
Nassau West Bay Street, Nassau West Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas

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Neural development is not restricted to embryonic or early postnatal stages but continuous throughout life in the mammalian brain. This conference will bring together leaders from diverse fields such as embryonic cortical development, adult neurogenesis, human imaging, and stem cell-based neural disease modelling to discuss recent advances in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating neural stem cell activity, neuronal specification and functional significance of circuitries modified by the addition of new neurons. In addition, translational perspectives and implications for disease modelling will be covered. 

Scientific chairs: Hongjun Song (University of Pennsylvania) and Sebastian Jessberger (University of Zurich).



Academic from : USD 1477.0

Industry from : USD 1477.0

Student from : USD 1188.0


Speakers: Jonas Frisén (Karolinska Institute), Fred Gage (Salk Institute), Magdalena Götz (Helmholtz Zentrum München) , Rene Hen (Columbia University) , Rudolf Jaenisch (MIT), Sebastian Jessberger (University of Zurich), Gerd Kempermann (CRTD Dresden), Arnold Kriegstein (University of California, San Francisco), Guo-li Ming (University of Pennsylvania), Nenad Sestan (Yale School of Medicine) , Hongjun Song (University of Pennsylvania), Li-Huei Tsai (MIT)

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