7th IFAD (International Fluid Academy Days)

Start Date : November 23, 2018
End Date : November 24, 2018
Time : 8:00 am to6:00 pm

Phone : +3224763101
Email : info@fluidacademy.org

Location :
Pakhuis De Zwijger, 179 Piet Heinkade, 1019 HC, Amsterdam, Netherlands



After the success of the last edition being fully booked with over 500 participants; we are very excited to present you the Seventh International Fluid Academy Days! A neglected topic for way too long, the interest in fluid therapy seems to be quickly rising as the medical community is making a shift from looking at fluids as a mere method of stabilization towards the appreciation of its relevant side effects. Fluids should be seen as any other drug with indications and contraindications and possible adverse effects. In analogy to antibiotics it is time to consider the 4 D's of fluid therapy (https://annalsofintensivecare.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s13613-018-0402-x)


Many questions however still remain to be answered. What is the impact of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis induced by normal saline? What is the place of colloids? Do we still need human albumin? What is the place for hypertonic solutions? How is the crystalloid vs colloid debate evolving? What will the future bring us? Can capillary leak be measured and treated? What are the effects on the microcirculation? So it's all about the type and the dose of the fluid, and the time and the speed of administration.


And there's more! Since fluid overload is no longer seen as a cosmetic problem but as an independent outcome predictor, it must be avoided by all means. Modern hemodynamic monitoring can help the clinician in finding thresholds to start and stop filling patients. We need to establish a place for volumetric vs barometric preload indicators and each new technology has its advantages and disadvantages.


The target audience for the 7th IFAD are all specialists caring for the critically ill patient: intensivists, anesthaesiologists, emergency physicians, internists, burn care specialists,...


The 7th IFAD will be followed by the 5th CACU (Course on Acute Care Ultrasound) with courses for beginners and advanced users.


We hope you'll join us on these very inspiring meeting!




MobileApp https://go.evvnt.com/263509-8?pid=3506



Special Rate (doctors)EUR 225.0

Special Rate (non-doctors)EUR 145.0

Special Rate (members endorsing societies)EUR 180.0

5th CACU (Ultrasound) courseEUR 300.0

1st ECMO courseEUR 200.0

1st Acid-Base MasterclassEUR 150.0

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Manu Malbrain, Brussels, Belgium (Scientific Committee), Dr. Niels Van Regenmortel, Antwerp, Belgium (Scientific Committee), Dr. Adrian Wong, Oxford, UK (Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Xavier Monnet, Paris, France (Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Paul Elbers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Monty Mythen, London, UK, Dr. Robert Hahn, Linköping, Sweden, Prof. Dr. Luciano Gattinoni, Göttingen, Germany, Dr. Thomas Langer, Milano, Italy, Prof. Dr. Pietro Caironi, Milano, Italy, Dr. Daniel Lichtenstein, Paris, France, Prof. Dr. Jan Poelaert, Brussels, Belgium, Prof. Dr. Maurizio Cecconi, Milano, Italy, Prof. Dr. Zsolt Molnar, Pecs, Hungary

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