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Allergy & Immunology Update and Topics in Physician Wellness

Start Date : November 11, 2018
End Date : September 18, 2018
Time : 4:30 pm to6:15 am

Phone : 18004220711
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  1. Update of physician wellness at individual, institutional and cultural levels

    • Apply conceptual framework of physician wellness at the personal and institutional level and within the culture of medicine to their unique hospital/clinic setting.

  2. Dealing with Difficult Patients and Colleagues

    • Give examples of how to assist a burned-out colleague.

  3. Medical Marriage/relationships

    • Analyze an important variable that affects physician wellness and assess strategies for support of relationships.

  4. Coping with Trauma/Loss

    • Utilize a compassion-based strategy for self care when coping with struggles experienced in medicine.

  5. The ethics of burnout

    • Apply principles of ethical obligations to their unique hospital/clinic setting.

  6. When the Doctor becomes a Patient

    • Summarize common insights physicians report when experiencing role reversal.

  7. Burnout: Is it me or is it medicine?

    • Identity sources of personal-professional conflict that increase symptoms of burnout.

  8. Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

    • Understand the anatomy of the Paranasal Sinuses

    • Explain the pathophysiology of Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

    • Describe methods of diagnosing and treating Acute and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

  9. Anaphylaxis - Diagnosis and Management

    • Explain mechanisms and presentations of Anaphylaxis

    • Describe treatment with emphasis on importance of Epinephrine

    • Explain why physicians and staff should be proficient in Anaphylaxis management

  10. Update in Asthma Management

    • Discuss the pathophysiology of Asthma

    • Describe how Asthma symptoms don't always correlate with severity

    • Explain the concepts of step care guideline based Asthma management

  11. Caring for the patient with Chronic Cough

    • Explain the mechanism of the Cough Reflex

    • Describe the most common causes of Chronic Cough

    • Describe Diagnostic Empiric Trials of Therapy

  12. Ocular Allergy

    • Explain the Pathophysiology of Allergic Conjunctivitis

    • Describe other eye abnormalities with similar symptoms

    • Determine the appropriate treatment and when to refer

  13. Rhinitis: Allergic and Non-Allergic

    • Explain the types of Allergic and Non-Allergic Rhinitis

    • Describe conditions that mimic Rhinitis

    • Determine appropriate evaluations, diagnostic studies and treatment plans

  14. Current approach to the management of stinging insect allergy

    • Explain various types of reactions to insects stings

    • Describe treatment for each type of reaction

    • Determine which patients should be referred

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