Business & Practitioner Resilience in Clinical Practice

Start Date : September 28, 2018
End Date : September 28, 2018
Time : 10:00 am to11:30 am

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Training Options  Duration: 90 Minutes  

Friday, September 28, 2018   |   10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT


Overview:This training introduces and discusses resilience in healthcare practice in five general areas. Each of the areas or modules is extremely important to the success and continued growth of your practice. Regardless of whether you are a general medical practitioner or a specialist in practice, or whether you are in a solo or group practice, working diligently and dealing effectively with ongoing adversity is your key to a more resilient practice.


In the first training module, you will learn the importance of reducing liability and managing your risk through several important steps. Next, explore a myriad of administrative processes that both strengthen and simplify your practice, making it a smooth running, thorough and efficient machine. What follows is an introduction to marketing and networking toward your ideal patient, clearly defining the clinical scope of your practice while addressing strategies for getting the word out about your practice. Financial management is the fourth module you will learn in this resilience workshop.


From keeping expenses down while increasing revenue to building wealth over the long haul, basic strategies are explored. Finally, you will learn how to balance ever-increasing demands from your practice with personal interests such as time spent with family and friends or engaging in hobbies in the Practitioner Self-Care portion. In this fifth and final module strategies for thriving with healthy balance are explored! 


This program is basic in that it explores these five concepts in brief to get you started with developing your practice further in the areas mentioned. Each of the five topics is independently salient to making your practice resilient. When you connect all five modules integrated into your practice through small daily efforts, you will make your practice extraordinarily resilient over the long haul! 


Why should you Attend: Healthcare practitioners, practice owners, administrators, and other practice professionals rarely receive formal business training at the fundamental level and/or during clinical preparation. As your practice grows, so does the worry over its sustainability. "How do I sustain a good flow of referrals and get the ideal clients I want?" "When will I finally feel comfortable with my earnings?" "How do I balance managing my business with the clinical demands?" "What are ways to safeguard and reduce my liability as a practitioner?" How do I make time to have a personal life while trying to run my practice?" These are common questions posed by hardworking medical practice professionals who are succeeding and concerned over continued prosperity. 


Without basic and essential business principles and processes, along with solid self-care plans, medical practices are at high-risk for failure, including a lack of referrals, disorganization, poor patient outcomes, fiscal mismanagement, as well as compassion fatigue and burnout. 


Even worse, there are in fact healthcare practices that fail to build resilience in such a manner that its owners and practitioners experience professional board complaints and even suffer state license sanctions, resulting from negligence, poor ethics, violation of statutes, and/or other professional misconduct. 


If you want to be responsible, personally and professionally, throughout the life of your medical practice, then this brief fundamental training on Resilience in Practice is for you! 


Areas Covered in the Session:


Liability & Risk Management

Efficient Administrative Systems

Client Referral & Retention

Smart Financial Practices

Practitioner Self-Care


Who Will Benefit:

Healthcare Service Professionals who own, operate, or Administer Private Group and/or Individual Healthcare Practices



Mental Health Practitioners

Healthcare Technicians

Occupational and Speech Therapists

Social Workers


Professional Counselors

Marriage & Family Therapists

Physical Therapists



Other Health Care Specialty Providers

Healthcare Managers


Coordinators of Practices

Outpatient Clinics/Agencies


Speaker Profile 

Howard Baumgarten is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, consultant, speaker, wellness and small business-training expert, and owner of a successful mental health private practice in Lakewood, Colorado. He is the founder of Smart Practice Central, a healthcare business-building platform that values intelligent, ethical, and clinically minded practice development, and provides clinical practice business consultation and trainings to private practices and healthcare agencies. Howard has lectured throughout the country on the integration of mental health and business, focusing on practice development, working within managed care systems and the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on mental health care. He is the author of Private Practice Essentials: Business Tools for Mental Health Professionals, a guide to starting and successfully managing mental health practice. 


In 2003, he developed and implemented the first practice building business curriculum in a graduate level-counseling program in the country at the University of Colorado, where he taught this curriculum for twelve years. He is the former Director of Network Relations for Westside Behavioral Care, Inc., a clinical group practice he helped build into one of Colorado's largest outpatient behavioral health practices. Howard routinely consults and trains businesses and organizations across a variety of industries in areas including managing stress, building resilience, creating work/life balance, burnout prevention, and other wellness related topics.


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