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Comprehensive Dermatology, Allergy, and Immunology Update for the PCP, Emphasizing Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tips and Tricks

Start Date : April 26, 2019
End Date : May 9, 2019
Time : 5:00 pm to6:00 am

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  1. Atopic Dermatitis

    • Diagnose this common skin disorder and understand the important allergic and nonallergic aspects

  2. Urticaria

    • Identifying the many different causes of urticaria can be challenging

  3. Angioedema

    • Managing patients with angioedema requires the identification of benign or life-threatening types

  4. Food Allergy

    • Appreciating the new revelations in the immunologic mechanisms has led to the concepts of prevention and desensitization

  5. Drug Allergy

    • Gaining knowledge of the complex nature of drug allergies is essential to providing the patient with information about their reaction

  6. Indoor Allergies

    • Appreciating that indoor allergen sources can create problems for respiratory and cutaneous allergy sufferers

  7. Rhinosinusitis

    • Describing rhinosinusitis as acute and chronic is important in diagnosing and treating this common disorder

  8. Pruritus

    • Treating and individual with chronic itching requires ruling out many potentential etiologies, before determining it to be idiopathic

  9. Headaches

    • Evaluating patients with headache often are labeled as sinus headaches, but the complexity of the differential of headaches is discussed

  10. Auto inflammatory Syndromes

    • Identifying these immunologic disorders that involve the innate immune system is a clinical challenge.

  11. Approach to Dermatologic Diagnosis

    • Apply approaches to dermatologic diagnosis to your practice

    • Dunbar M. Brodell RT, Helms SE. 2 Dermatology: XVI Approach to the diagnosis of skin disease. In: Nabel, EG, editor. ACP medicine [loose-leaf]. Hamilton (ON): Decker Intellectual Properties; 2013

  12. Superficial Fungal infections and the KOH Prep

    • Determine when to perform a KOH Preparation

    • Utilize a step-by-step method to perform the optimal KOH preparation

  13. Distinguishing scabies from other pruritic conditions

    • Determine when to perform a Scabies Preparation

    • Utilize a step-by-step method to perform the optimal Scabies preparation

  14. Moles: Benign vs Malignant

    • Distinguish benign vs malignant pigmented skin lesions

  15. Non-Melanoma skin cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment

    • Distinguish benign vs malignant non-pigmented skin lesions

  16. Basic Dermatologic Procedures including Tips and Tricks

    • Perform common simple dermatologic procedures

    • Incorporate tips and tricks to make procedures as quick, efficient, effective, and reproducible as possible

  17. Advanced Dermatologic Procedures

    • Manage patients with appropriate referral for more complex procedures

  18. Mississippi Nigeria Education and Mentoring Exchange (MNEME)-Enugu, Nigeria

    • Recognize the amazing educational, research and teaching opportunities available in the underdeveloped world

  19. Interactice Sessions I and II
    Ask The Professor

    • Learn diagnosis in dermatology through rapid-fire Socratic case-based interactive sessions that make learning fun and enhance recall

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