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Emergency Medicine and Cannabinoid Medicine

Start Date : December 29, 2018
End Date : January 5, 2019
Time : 3:30 pm to7:00 am

Phone : 18004220711
Email : registrar@continuingeducation.net


  1. Decision making rules in Trauma

    • Utilize simple decision making rules to more efficiently treat the injured patien

  2. Application of decision making rules in trauma-real life examples

    • Apply decision making rules to real life examples

  3. Your patient is bleeding, massive transfusions and beyond

    • Utilize the national standard approach to massive transfusions

  4. Updates in the evaluation of neurologic emergencies

    • Develop a strategy for the approach to the patient with a TIA or suspected stroke

  5. A modern approach to burn care

    • Develop a strategy to the approach of the burned patient

  6. Visual Perles in Trauma

    • Use visual perles to explore difficult diagnoses

  7. Heroic procedures in the ED

    • Utilze up to date techniques for the perfomance of difficult procedures

  8. Airway Management Tips

    • Discuss algorithmic approach to airway management

  9. Airway Case Management Discussion

    • Apply knowledge of new devices and approaches to management in case based scenarios

  10. Abdominal Pain That Can Kill

    • Suggest algorithms for rapid diagnosis of patients with abdominal pain

  11. Upper Extremity Fracture Management

    • Recognize which fractures require immediate orthopedic consultation

  12. Resistant Infections in the ED

    • Discuss appropriate antibiotic use in patients with potential antibiotic resistant infections

  13. A Look at the Red Eye

    • Discuss causes and management of the red eye

  14. Heat Illness: Are You Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

    • Recognize the various presentations of heat illness

  15. Cannabis as Medicine: Practical Applications for Physicians

    • Why medical cannabis should be an important consideration for physicians

    • What the medicinal components of cannabis are and how they work

    • What types of cannabinoid products are available in North America

    • What evidence exists that supports medical cannabis use

    • How can physicians authorize (?prescribe?) medical cannabis safely

    • To provide resources and tools for future prescribers of cannabis and/or for referral to a Cannabis Clinic

    • Review case studies (time permitting)

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