Emergency Medicine: Common Pediatric and Adult Challenges in the Emergency Department

Start Date : April 8, 2019
End Date : April 12, 2019
Time : 8:00 am to12:15 pm

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Day 1                                           

                           8:00am-9:00am     Coagulopathy in the ER: All Bleeding Stops Eventually. (Kravitz)

                          9:00am-9:05am      Break

9:05am-10:05am     Trauma and Orthopedic Pitfalls - Injuries Not To Be Missed. (Kravitz)

                      10:05am-10:10am      Break

                      10:10am-11:10am      Life-Threatening Pediatric Infections. (Belfer)

                      11:10am-11:15am      Break

                      11:15am-12:15pm      Upper Airway Emergencies in the Pediatric Patient. (Belfer)


Day 2                                           

                           8:00am-9:00am      Non-Traumatic Surgical Abdominal Emergencies. (Belfer)

                          9:00am-9:05am      Break                                                                                                               

                        9:05am-10:05am      Pediatric Seizures I. Status Epilepticus II. Febrile Seizures. (Belfer)

                      10:05am-10:10am      Break

                      10:10am-11:10am      Neuromuscular Weakness. (Kravitz)

                      11:10am-11:15am      Break

                      11:15am-12:15pm      Ophthalmologic Emergencies. (Kravitz)


Day 3    

8:00am-9:00am       Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs). (Kravitz)

                          9:00am-9:05am      Break

                         9:05am-10:05am      Endocrine Emergencies. (Kravitz )

                      10:05am-10:10am      Break

                      10:10am-11:10am      Visual Diagnosis: You Make the Call. (Belfer)

                      11:10am-11:15am      Break

                      11:15am-12:15pm      The Child with a Limp. (Belfer)


Day 4                                           

                          8:00am-9:00am      The Septic Appearing Infant. (Belfer)

                          9:00am-9:05am      Break

                        9:05am-10:05am      Judicious Use of Antibiotics in the Outpatient Setting. (Belfer)

                      10:05am-10:10am      Break

                      10:10am-11:10am      Is This Test Necessary: Efficient Use of Testing in the ED. (Kravitz)

                      11:10am-11:15am      Break

                       11:15am-12:15pm      Management of the Emergency Psychiatric Patient. (Kravitz)


Day 5                                           

                          8:00am-9:00am      Abdominal Pain – The Black Box of the Belly. (Kravitz)

                          9:00am-9:05am      Break

                        9:05am-10:05am      Facial Trauma. (Kravitz)

                      10:05am-10:10am      Break

                      10:10am-11:10am      Orthopedic Conditions Above the Hip.  (Belfer)

                      11:10am-11:15am      Break

                      11:15am-12:15pm      Articles That Change the Way We Practice Pediatric Emergency Medicine. (Belfer)

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