Family Medicine and Travel Medicine

Start Date : December 28, 2019
End Date : January 4, 2020
Time : 3:30 pm to7:00 am

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  1. 1. Overview of a Travel Medical Service

    • Describe trends in international travel

    • Identify resources available for the travel medicine clinician

    • List the components of a core travel medicine evaluation

    • Describe the role of "routine" vaccination in travelers

  2. 2. Vector-borne illness

    • Identify travel activities that are associated with exposure to vector-borne illnesses

    • Formulate strategies for prevention of mosquito and tick-borne infectious diseases

    • Describe international regulations for Yellow Fever vaccination

  3. 3. Food and Water-borne illness

    • Identify patients at risk of food and water-borne illness

    • Formulate strategies for the prevention of food and water-borne illnesses including

      • Vaccination strategies

      • Behavioral interventions, and

      • Use of medications and antibiotic therapy

  4. 4. The Traveler with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

    • Identify how international travel may exacerbate or confer added risk to patients with underlying co-morbidities

    • Develop strategies for minimizing travel related illness in patients with medical co-morbidities

  5. 5. Travel-Related Environmental Exposures

    • Identify environments that confer increased risk of travel-related morbidity

    • Formulate behavioral strategies for mitigating risk related to environmental exposures

    • Describe appropriate vaccination and medication prescribing to minimize risk related to environmental exposures

  6. 6. Travel-Related Activities

    • Identify patient activities that are likely to lead to travel-related illness

    • Describe appropriate strategies for minimizing risk related to patient activities and behaviors while traveling

  7. 7. The sick returned traveler

    • Recognize the most common travel-associated conditions to present after returning from international travel

    • Describe the assessment of the patient returning from travel with:

      • Fever

      • Skin rash, and

      • Diarrheal syndromes

    • Identify patients at risk of epidemiologically important illnesses including MERS and Avian Influenza

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