Future-proofing your health data project – risks and opportunities

Start Date : June 13, 2019
End Date : June 13, 2019
Time : 12:30 pm to2:00 pm

Phone : 01423 724042
Email : j.baker@hempsons.co.uk

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Hempsons, 100 Wood Street, Greater London EC2V 7AN, United Kingdom


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The NHS is a prime source for detailed linkable clinical data but some developers are seeking to obtain or create their own databases.  There is currently a lack of focused central guidance on how these projects should be governed, and there is often confusion about the way the GDPR will apply to such products.  However, greater regulation is on the horizon and there are some good indicators as to the shape this regulation will take, both with regard to the approach likely to be adopted in the NHS and the approach the ICO is likely to take.  Chris Alderson, an information governance specialist, will talk through these issues, including the latest developments in the law as to when a data users will be a data controller or a data processor, the risks associated with relying on consent as the GDPR justification for Big Data work, and how to be best positioned to build projects which will be sustainable in the long term. 


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Artists / Speakers: Chris Alderson, Partner, Hempsons, Michael Rourke, Partner, Hempsons

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Email: j.baker@hempsons.co.uk

Event Categories: Internal Medicine.

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