Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas


Hematology/Oncology & Cardiorespiratory/Renal Physiology and Medicine

Start Date : May 18, 2019
End Date : May 25, 2019
Time : 4:30 pm to6:00 am

Phone : 18004220711
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  1. Cardiac conduction system

    • Clarify cellular/tissue types and function

  2. Cardiac output: its distribution and redistribution

    • Teach the physiology of cardiac output beyond simply defining it

  3. Ischemia/reperfusion vs hypoxia/reoxygenation

    • Clarify/teach the relationship between organ/tissue ischemia/reperfusion and hypoxia/reoxygenation

  4. Acetaminophen: beyond fever and pain

    • Re-emphasize the history, safety, efficacy of acetaminophen

  5. Cardioprotection and acetaminophen

    • Teach new research results (heart, brain, muscle)

  6. Respiratory/renal health and disease

    • Teach clearance, GFR, exchange and transport of gases in health/disease

  7. Diet and exercise

    • Help resolve fact vs fiction

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