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Hospital Medicine and Neurology Updates

Start Date : July 28, 2019
End Date : August 6, 2019
Time : 4:30 pm to6:30 am

Phone : 18004220711
Email : registrar@continuingeducation.net



  1. The neurological examination

    • Be able to understand the most important components of the neurologic exam.

    • Learn how to accurately conduct a brief neurologic exam.

  2. Headache

    • Be able to accurate diagnose various headaches.

    • Be able to identify correct treatment options for various headaches.

  3. Insomnia

    • Understand the pathophysiology of insomnia.

    • Appreciate the various causes of insomnia.

    • Understand the treatment options for insomnia.

  4. Sleep disorders

    • Appreciate the common types of sleep disorders.

    • Understand the various treatment options for various sleep disorders.

  5. Epilepsy

    • Be able to identify features of epileptic seizures versus other types of spells.

    • Understand the best treatment options for seizures and spells.

  6. Entrapment neuropathies

    • Understand how to recognize common entrapment neuropathies.

    • Appreciate the treatment options for common entrapment neuropathies.

  7. Neurologic emergencies

    • Recognize the presentation of the common neurologic emergencies.

    • Understand the urgent supportive treatment needed for these neurologic emergencies.

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