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Infectious Diseases: 2019 Update

Start Date : February 11, 2019
End Date : February 24, 2019
Time : 5:00 pm to7:00 am

Phone : 1-800-422-0711
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  1. 1. Update Adult Vaccines

    • List vaccine preventable infections and their burden

    • List appropriate vaccines for adults; List strategies to increase uptake of adult vaccines

  2. 2. Antimicrobial Stewardship

    • List the benefits of stewardship

    • List interventions to improve antibiotic use

  3. 3. Update Respiratory Infections (RTIs)

    • List common pathogens of RTIs

    • List appropriate diagnosis and treatment of RTIs

  4. 4. Update UTIs

    • Describe the difference of asymptomatic bacteriuria from symptomatic UTI

    • List appropriate antibiotics for UTIs

  5. 5. Update STDs

    • List appropriate Diagnosis and therapy of common STDs

  6. 6. Emerging Infections

    • Define and list recent emerging infections

    • Know how to manage a patient with Zika

    • List criteria for pandemic

  7. 7. Infectous Disease Pearls

    • Describe management of common examples of infectious diseases

  8. 8. Case Discussions for 2 hours

    • Understand nuances of treating infectious disease cases

  9. 9. Update TB and Lyme:Another presentation of Bone and Joint infections

    • List criteria for differentiating latent from active TB

    • Know who to interpret Lyme tests and treat stages of Lyme

    • List manifestations of osteomyelitis

  10. 10. New antimicrobial agent review and antimicrobial prophylaxis for prevention of endocarditis

    • The purpose of the lectures is to provide up-to-date and evidenced-based information regarding the diagnosis, management, and prevention of various infectious diseases that are clinically relevant to the practicing physician.

    • After attending the presentations, attendees will have a better understanding of appropriate adult vaccines and diagnositc and therapeutic principles to provide better care for patients with infections.

  11. 11. Intra-abdominal infections and diverticulitis

    • Describe the approach to intra-abdominal infections and select appropriate antimicrobial therapy

  12. 12. Infectious issues in patients receiving TNF inhibitors

    • Review mechanism of action of TNF-alpha inhibitors

    • List infections associated with these agents

  13. 13. Skin and soft tissue infections

    • Recite common pathogens associated with skin infections.

    • Utilize appropriate antimicrobial therapy based on exam.

  14. 14. C. difficile and other diarrheas

    • Recite common challenging aspects of treating diarrhea in the era of C. difficile infection.

  15. 15. Infectious disease image and word association

    • Recall specific infectious diseaes based on keywords and/or images

  16. 16. Infectious Risks in International Travelers

    • Recite commonly encountered diseases associated with international travel. Identify necessary items to bring for international travel

  17. 17. Update in HIV and HCV

    • Describe testing and interpretation of diagnostics for HIV and HCV. Summarize treatment for HIV and HCV.

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