International Conference on Oncology and Radiology

Start Date : December 3, 2018
End Date : December 4, 2018
Time : 10:00 am to5:00 pm

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Meetings international announces with extreme cheerfulness about the Global experts meet on International Conference on Oncology and Radiology programmed on December 03-04, 2018 in Sydney, Australia with a theme of “Advancements in Oncology and Radiology, different perspectives to cure cancer.”

Cancer is world’s second disease that causes more number of deaths. More children are being affected and the disease is different from the adults. The persons who are childhood cancer survivors develops either physical or mental health problem because of the treatment they received in their childhood. From these illustrations we can see that there is growing need for supporting the treatment for cancer and also to create more awareness among the people for early detection of cancer and research to find a suitable cure for it.

As per the UICC report, around 8 million people are dying worldwide because of cancer. As we see locally, based on the report of Cancer Council Research, the number of Australians who are affected by cancer will be increased to 1.9 million in 2040 which is from 1 in 22 Australians today to 1 in 18 Australians in next 22 years. Oncology 2018 will provide you a platform to discuss the progress of research in cancer that could help humankind.

§  Oncology and Radiology

§  Oncology Statistics

§  Medical Oncology

§  Life style and Cancer Risk

§  Progress in Oncology

§  Radiology in Oncology

§  Oncology diagnostics and therapeutics

§  Translational cancer biology

§  Functional Molecular Imaging

§  Cancer Biotechnology

§  Molecular Oncology

§  Drugs for Cancer

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