Melanoma 2020: 30th Annual Cutaneous Malignancy CME Conference San Diego

Start Date : January 24, 2020
End Date : January 26, 2020
Time : 5:00 pm to12:00 pm

Phone : 858-678-6400
Email :

Location :
Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa, 1775 East Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA, 92109, USA


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As the incidence of melanoma continues to rise rapidly in the United States and around the world, the need to educate clinicians from various specialties on the disease also increases. During this course nationally recognized experts will present information on prevention, risk assessment, early detection, genetic factors, and current and future treatment choices for melanoma patients. Issues concerning surgical management, adjuvant therapy, advanced disease therapy, and personalizing the course of treatment for individual patients will also be discussed. This course is designed to provide information that will help clinicians in their decision making regarding these difficult patient problems. The course will be taught by a wide range of experts as this most serious of skin cancers will require multidisciplinary efforts to conquer.



Physicians (MD, DO): USD 375.0

Non-physician: USD 275.0


Speakers: James W. Patterson, MD, Cora S. Humberson, MD, Travis W. Blalock, MD, Ashley Wysong, MD, MS , Caroline D. Piggott, MD, Benjamin F. Kelley, MD, Merrick I. Ross, MD, Geva E. Mannor, MD, MPH, Chritopher M. Bergeron, MD  , Prabhakar Tripuraneni, MD, Frederick S. Fish, III, MD, Reverend Jack W. Baca, Kathryn B. Bollin, MD, Kathleen M. Murphy, PhD, Robert A. Cosgrove, ESQ, Hugh T. Greenway, Jr., MD, FAAD

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