Palliative Medicine and End of Life Care, Including Related Topics in Neurology

Start Date : December 14, 2019
End Date : December 21, 2019
Time : 8:30 pm to7:00 am

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  1. 1. Palliative Care Overview: History, Range of focus and Relation to Hospice Care

    • To discover the roots of palliative medicine, its impact on traditional practice models and the relation/definition between palliative and hospice care

  2. 2. Advanced Care Directives

    • To define the history/legalities of advanced care directives.

    • To differentiate the various formats and techniques to advance end of life discussions.

    • To examine the controversies in ACD such as surgical thirty day rules.

  3. 3. Pain Management and Palliative Care: Pharmaceutical review and a Review of the Issues of the Opioid Crisis

    • To illustrate treatment options for critical and end of life medical conditions.

    • To examine the roots and solutions of the opioid crisis particularly as related to palliative and hospice care.

  4. 4. COPD, CHF and ESRD in Palliative Care

    • To utilize palliative medicine skills in the planning/treatment of these common chronic conditions.

  5. 5. Patient Driven Voluntary Cessation of Hydration and Nutrition

    • To identify the phenomena of patient's elective decision in non acutely mortal situations to terminate their lives through active decision.

    • To examine the practitioners role/obligations in such a situation

  6. 6. End of Life Symptomology and Management

    • To summarize the common EOL symptoms.

    • To demonstrate pharmaceutical and behavioral management of these conditions.

  7. 7. Reimbursement and Coverage Strategies

    • To examine the CMS rules of remuneration for non palliative/hospice providers in palliative/hospice patients

  8. 8. Mental State - delirium, MCI and dementia

  9. 9. Can the Patient Hear Me? - awareness, unresponsiveness and coma

  10. 10. Stroke - follow-up and prognosis

  11. 11. Gap Analysis - quality approach to practice improvement

  12. 12. Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's in Palliative Care

  13. 13. Brain Death - what is it and diagnosis

  14. 14. The Plan for Monday - changes for ease of practice and improvement in care

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