PANAMA CANAL TROPICAL WINTER ESCAPE ON REGENT- Emerging Healthcare Issues in Central America

Start Date : February 25, 2019
End Date : March 12, 2019
Time : 10:00 am to10:00 am

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Panama Canal Tropical Winter Escape on Regent

Join PES for 16 nights visiting tropical beaches and jungles, colonial ports, and transit the Panama Canal on this cruise through Central America & the Mexican Riviera aboard the brand new Seven Seas Splendor.

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The changing epidemiological profile of the populations in Central America with an increase in morbidity from diabetes, heart disease and cancer, poses challenges to the current public health systems. Reducing the burden of chronic disease in a multi-ethnic population also necessitates the need for healthcare practitioners to understand the importance of employing “cultural competence” in treating these diverse populations to provide quality patient care and outcomes.  Addressing these current healthcare needs in Central America has focused on integrating health services and delivery networks to improve access to a continuum of primary care as the best model for disease control and prevention.

Healthcare practitioners globally are currently faced with many of these same challenges.  Now, more than ever, it is important for healthcare professionals to collaborate with colleagues and global counterparts to gain cross-cultural perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease. By design, this program offers opportunities for healthcare professionals to compare and contrast current best practices to provide quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting and gain a better understanding of emerging healthcare delivery models.

We explore how these current healthcare needs are being addressed by integrating health services and delivery networks to improve patient access with a focus on primary care as the best model for disease control and prevention.

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