Learn how to design and implement effective performance management programs as well as carry our mentoring and coaching in the workplace.


Positively Impacting Employee Behaviour through Performance Management, Coaching &Counselling

Start Date : July 19, 2018
End Date : July 19, 2018
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The American Compensation Association found that companies that have implemented effective Performance Management programs:

Effective Performance Management programs can be viewed as a ‘win - win - win’ with:

Leaders finding that the approach:

Managers & supervisors finding that it makes it easier to:

Employees to a greater extent understanding:

A primary reason why employees sometimes don’t do what they are supposed to do is a lack of clear communication - which can be greatly improved through well-designed and executed performance appraisals, coaching & counselling programs.


In a perfect work-world managers would provide their direct reports continual feedback. Employee feedback is key today because of the rapid changes occurring in organizations necessitating that employees continually upgrade their skills. And annual conversations do not meet this need. 

However, many managers struggle with this need for ongoing coaching because of the demands on their time and some lacking the techniques that are required. Employees used to expect to work for a boss. Today they want and need a coach. They want personal and professional development and they need help to meet their goals. 

Regardless of the strain on their time better managers know that performance management - including performance appraisals supported by ongoing coaching and counselling - work - and is the essence of their jobs as managers. 

These better managers know that performance management:

Performance appraisals supported by daily coaching and counselling inspire employees to perform to their capabilities resulting in a win-win-win - for the organization, the employee and, not least the least of which is the manager who is building a high performing team.



One can easily argue that effective performance appraisals, coaching &counselling are more important in today’s business environment than ever due to:


Leaders, Managers, Human Resource Professions or Supervisors who want to improve their existing Performance Appraisal process and/or enhance their Coaching, Counseling or Appraisal skills


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Learn how to design and implement effective performance management programs as well as carry our mentoring and coaching in the workplace.

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