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Primary Care and Women’s Health Key Topics and Core Strategies

Start Date : January 12, 2019
End Date : January 19, 2019
Time : 7:00 pm to7:00 am

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  • Hormonal Alternatives in Managing Menopause: 2015 Guidelines from The North American Menopause Society.

  • Treating and Screening for STD’s: Current CDC Guidelines

  • Obesity and Pregnancy

  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Newer Terminology and Management

  • Update on Hormonal Contraception

  • Communicating with Patients: Medical Writing, Health Literacy, Medical Websites and More

  • Medications and Pregnancy-an Overview of Current Useage

  • Case studies in pituitary and adrenal problems

  • Eat to Live, how to prolong your life by what you eat

  • Exercise and Exercise prescription

  • Case studies in common thyroid disorders

  • Screening patients for Coronary Artery Disease and risk stratification

  • Screening for Cancer in our Patients

  • End of life care and palliative care


  • Know the best recommendation on healthy eating and diets to prolong your patients lives.

  • Know the value of various degrees of exercise and how to encourage its use

  • Master the approach to hyper and hypothyroidism, nodules and goiter

  • Use algorithms to detect and evaluate the most common pituitary and adrenal problems

  • Master the available tests to screen for and assess coronary artery disease in our patients

  • Incorporate the current cancer screening recommendations into your practice with your patients

  • Utilize practical approaches to helping patients at end of life make the best decisions and how to support them

  • Apply current techniques of endometrial ablation as a viable alternative to hysterectomy

  • Apply contemporary strategies in managing risks associated with obesity in pregnancy.

  • Utilize current CDC Guidelines in managing sexually-transmitted disease

  • Evaluate contraceptive options to provide a personalized approach to contraceptive counselling

  • Identify meds to use, meds to avoid, and meds to consider in pregnancy

  • Apply current hormone therapy guidelines to menopausal patients using an individualized approach

  • Assess and utilize objective health information from a range of internet sources

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