Purpose To Abundance – Be The Best You – London

Start Date : June 18, 2018
End Date : June 18, 2018
Time : 6:00 pm to9:00 pm

Email : herew.go@hotmail.co.uk

Location :
Park Plaza, Central London, London W1U 6LJ, United Kingdom

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Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between:

* Success and failure?

* Happiness and unhappiness?

* Fulfillment or unfulfillment?


That difference is what every successful person has to master to live a great life.

However, we often live an average life, have an average job, an average relationship and an average social life.


And then we feel depressed or unhappy because we count our days go by.


Without a real sense of meaning and purpose.


If you don't want to be average, but you want to know how to make your wildest dreams come true, then keep reading. You are in the right place.


How would it be if you were able to wake every morning smiling your way to your job or business?

Imagine that feeling of fulfilment for a moment.


Wouldn't life be great?

To help you experience this and more in your life, every single day, we have created an event that will change your life forever.


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These are the speakers that will help you unlock your potential.


1. Ian Philip James

How you can literally eat what you want, when you want and STILL lose weight.

Why it's what you put in to your mind rather than your mouth that matters.

The one vitamin that will literally supercharge your results and make dieting effortless.


2. Susanne Wiechert

Three Surprising Ways For Growth

* Perception = Projection.

* How much influence do you have in what you create in your outer world, as a result of what's in your inner world? Learn to see beyond your limitations.

* Food for thought.

* What are you missing in not knowing which foods and beverages affect your performance and ultimately your results?

* Growth with Gratitude

* More than just a "thank you" or writing a list...awaken your spirit, true appreciation and notice the unfolding of abundance before you.


3. Jim Doyle

Are you your grandparents?

* Does that scare you?

* Do you really want to change?

* How you can create change


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Artists / Speakers: Ian Phillip James, Susanne Wiechert, Simone Vincenzi, Jim Doyle.

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