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Rheumatology, Chronic Pain, Sleep and Nutrition

Start Date : August 16, 2019
End Date : August 23, 2019
Time : 4:00 pm to6:00 am

Phone : 18004220711
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  1. Sleep in Primary Care: Wake up to the importance of sleep

    • Recognize how important and common sleep disorders are

  2. Natural remedies for chronic pain

    • Identify the importance of using optimal sleep and natural remedies to treat to help treat chronic pain.

  3. The Ketogenic Diet

    • Recognize the benefits of the Ketogenic diet.

  4. Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Management: Why primary care is crucial

    • Describe the importance of OSA diagnosis and management.

  5. Sleep related movement disorders

    • Discuss and review sleep related movement disorder RLS and PLMD.

  6. Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Master the body clocks to improve health

    • Describe the body clocks and their importance to health.

  7. Functional properties of Vinegar: Weight loss, DM II, CV disease, Cancer, RLS, decrease inflammation

    • Identify the health benefits of vinegar therapy.

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