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Selected Topics in Emergency Medicine

Start Date : May 2, 2019
End Date : May 12, 2019
Time : 5:00 pm to6:00 am

Phone : 18004220711
Email : registrar@continuingeducation.net


  1. Male urological emergencies

  2. CNS infections

  3. Allergy/anaphylaxis

  4. Abdominal pain and trauma

  5. Airway management

  6. Resuscitation update

  7. ENT emergencies

  8. Management of alcohol withdrawal

    • Familiarity with alternate techniques for managing alcohol withdrawal

  9. Management of opioid withdrawal

    • Access techniques for managing the patient with opioid withdrawal

  10. Pulmonary embolism

    • Integrate options for the evaluation, risk stratification, and management of pulmonary embolism

  11. Asthma/COPD

    • Utilize sound principles and guidelines on stabilizing patients with asthma and COPD

  12. ACS update

    • Identify techniques for the management of acute coronary syndromes

  13. Surviving your deposition

    • Learn advanced concepts in preparing for deposition

  14. Cerebral ischemic disease

    • Incorporate new evidence in the management of acute stroke and ischemia

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