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Selected Topics in Geriatrics and Nephrology

Start Date : May 19, 2019
End Date : May 26, 2019
Time : 4:00 pm to7:00 am

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  1. Urinalysis - A Window into the Body

    •  Describe methods of urine collection.

    •  Interpret physical and dipstick examination of urine.

    •  Identify microscopic elements in urine sediment.

    • Solve clinical cases with abnormal urinalyses

  2. Understanding Diuretics

    • Describe classification and mechanism of action of diuretics

    • Review clinical uses and adverse effects

    • Define diuretic adaptation and resistance

  3. Acute Kidney Injury

    •  Review definition, epidemiology, course and burden of AKI

    •  Recognize common causes of AKI and identify risk factors

    •  Discuss the medical management of AKI in the hospitalized patient

    •  Illustrate with case presentation

  4. Poisonings in Nephrology

    •  Discuss different medications and poisonings seen in clinical practice

    •  Review the clinical presentation of these poisonings

    •  Describe the management of these poisonings

  5. Disorders of Water Balance

    •  Define osmolality and tonicity

    •  Describe approach to hypo and hypernatremia with case presentations

    •  Review steps and pitfalls in management of hyponatremia

  6. Renovascular Hypertension

    •  Review the pathophysiology of renovascular hypertension

    •  Describe patients at risk for developing ischemic nephropathy

    •  Describe diagnostic evaluation of renal artery stenosis

    •  Discuss management of patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis

  7. Chronic kidney Disease - A Call to Action

    •  Facilitate timely testing and intervention in patients at risk for CKD.

    •  Apply appropriate clinical measures to manage risk and increase patient safety in CKD.

    •  Comanage and refer to nephrologists, when appropriate, to improve outcomes in CKD.

  8. Dementia vs. Depression (diagnosis/management)

    • Distinguish between dementia and depression.

    • Identify the main causes of dementia and apply appropriate diagnostic and treatment strategies.

    • Utilize the Alzheimer's Association Pocketcard App for an updated easily accessible resource in primary care settings.

    • Recognize and manage depression in older patients.

  9. Delirium (Prevention, diagnosis, and management)

    • Apply the Confusion Assessment Method to diagnose delirium

    • Identify and treat underlying causes of delirium

    • Maximize use of non-pharmachologic approaches to delirium.

  10. Wet and Worried: How you can help Patients with Urinary Incontinence

    • Identify the types of urinary incontinence.

    • Select practical appropriate treatment strategies for patients with urinary incontinence.

  11. Geriatric Physical Assessment: What is Normal and What is Not

    • Recognize the challenges to a quality geriatric physical examination.

    • Distinguish between clinical signs of normal aging and pathological findings in physical examination through a photographic review.

  12. Successful Aging-How to Stay Sharp and Fit as the Birthdays fly by

    • Discover top tips for keeping a sharp mind and body for yourself and your aging patients.

  13. Polypharmacy: More is not Better

    • Recognize polypharmacy and prioritize treatment medications

    • Select practical regimens for improved medication compliance.

    • Employ geriatric prescribing prinicples such as "start low and go slow" to lessen adverse outcomes.

  14. Preventative Care for Older Patients: Get your shots and don't fall!

    • Implement current adult immunization schedule for older patients

    • Analyze the root cause of falls and implement appropriate preventative strategies.

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