The Approach to Common Medical Illnesses Using Both Functional and Integrative Medicine

Start Date : November 16, 2019
End Date : November 23, 2019
Time : 3:30 pm to7:00 am

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  1. 1. IBS - part 1

    • Review the definition and diagnosis of IBS

    • Review the pathophysiology of IBS including SIBO, celiac testing and food sensitivities

    • Discuss the impact of the microbiome on IBS symptoms

  2. 2. IBS- part 2

    • Discuss the value of the elimination diet and how to implement it

    • Associate the vagus nerve and its impact on irritable bowel symptoms

    • Review non-pharmacologic approaches to IBS symptoms

  3. 3. Insomnia

    • Illustrate melatonin and serotonin pathways

    • Discuss the impact of blue light on sleep cycle

    • Review non-pharmacologic approaches as sleep aids

  4. 4. Flu prevention

    • Discuss the efficacy of flu vaccines and patient concerns

    • Review study supporting and refuting nonpharmacologic approaches to flu prevention and impact on flu symptoms/duration

    • Distance will be able to utilize a natural approach to support the immune system against the flu

  5. 5. NASH-nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

    • Review pathogenesis of Nash

    • Summarize diagnostic testing options

    • Update providers on non-pharmacologic treatment options for NASH

  6. 6. Intestinal permeability

    • Illustrate intestinal permeability and review risks and causes

    • Identify nutrients indicated in gut healing

    • Review studies associating intestinal permeability with auto immune disease

  7. 7. Functional medicine approach to chronic disease

    • Discuss the functional medicine approach to evaluation of root cause of inflammation and disease

    • Expand on the function of the microbiome and the impact on chronic disease

    • Describe the amgydala's interpretation of physical and emotional stress and the impact on health

  8. 8. Pediatric Integrative Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Foundation

    • Present CCF's Pediatric Integrative Medicine clinic and our approach to treatment of children.

    • Introduce Integrative and Complementary therapies and common conditions treated in our clinic

  9. 9. Osteopathic Manipulation for the non Osteopath

    • Discuss and demonstrate safe and effective basic Osteopathic Manipulative techniques for infants, children and adolescents.

  10. 10. Probiotic Research

    • Review the research of many probiotic strains and findings of how use of these supplements may aid in the care of medical conditions.

  11. 11. Integrative Treatment for Headache

    • Review various types of Integrative and complementary options for headaches, including manual therapies, dietary supplements and stress reduction.

  12. 12. Fatigue, an Integrative approach

    • Define fatigue

    • Review diagnostic work up

    • Introduce Integrative Medicine treatment options to enhance patient care

  13. 13. Fibromyalgia, a holistic approach to care

    • Define fibromyalgia

    • Diagnosis of fibromyalgia and Integrative treatment options to enhance patient care

  14. 14. Stress Management

    • Present the importance of stress in our lives and various ways to reduce stress and improve our quality of life

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