The Complement-based Drug Development Summit

Start Date : November 14, 2017
End Date : November 16, 2017
Time : 8:00 am to6:00 pm

Phone : 2125375898
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Hyatt Regency Boston, One Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, 02111, United States



The Complement-based Drug Development Summit is the first industry-dedicated meeting that focuses on the research and development of therapeutics to inhibit the complement pathway, providing safe and effective cures for a range of disease indications.


Across 3 content-packed days, the field's thought leaders from Alexion, True North, GSK, Alnylam and many more will be sharing their insight and lessons learned, collectively enabling the community to:


- Standardize Efficacy Assessment: Define the next steps toward achieving standardization of robust, functional assays in order to accurately determine treatment efficacy.

- Optimize Clinical Trial Design: Analyze methods for improving clinical trial design with case studies in patient recruitment and stratification, targeting, dosing, endpoints and sample handling.

- Manage Off-Target Effects: Enhance the management of off-target effects and approaches for minimizing infection risk.

- Achieve Regulatory Approval: Learn how best to navigate the regulatory landscape, examining guidelines and expectations to ensure that drugs gain market approval smoothly.

- Assess Inhibition Points: Analyze the most effective points of complement inhibition for the treatment of individual diseases and the selection of therapeutic approaches for inhibition.






Industry Conference Standard: USD 2699, 

Academic Conference Standard: USD 1889, 

Industry Gold: Conference and 2 workshops: USD 3797, 

Academic Gold: Conference and 2 workshops: USD 2658, 

Industry Silver: Conference and 1 workshop: USD 3298, 

Academic Silver: Conference and 1 workshop: USD 2310, 

Academic Workshop Only: USD 699, 

Industry Workshop Only: USD 699


Speakers: Ted Yednock, Michael Holers, Camille Bedrosian, Eva-Maria Nichols, Sandip Panicker, Nader Najafian, Cedric Francois, Michael McCaleb, Niels Riedemann, Ashley Frazer-Abel, Kishor Devalaraja, David Apelian, Sacha Zeerleder, Christopher Horvath, Menno van Beek, Rajendra Kumar-Singh, Jörg Köhl, Kourous Rezaei

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