The International Sleep Disorders Academy Congress – ISDA 2023 –

Start Date : May 14, 2023
End Date : May 17, 2023
Time : 8:00 am to5:00 pm

Phone : +27 060 986 5986
Email :

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The DNA of this congress lies on three axes: Academic, Experience-Sharing, and Innovation.

The scientific committee has prepared an exciting and thought-provoking program, and lectures and presentations of the most updated research and workshops are part of the agenda.


Speakers: Dr. Nathalie Aisenberg - French , Dr. Emilie Bequignon  - French , Dr. Marc Blumen - French, Dr. Gabriela Caetano - French, Prof. Ari Chaouat - French, Dr. Mounir Chennaoui - French, Prof. Marie Pia D'ortho - French, Dr. Maxime Elbaz - French, Prof. Patricia Franco - French, Dr. Olivier Gallet De Santerre - French, Dr. Olivier Lamour - French, Dr. Pierre Jean Monteyrol - French, Dr. Maria Antonia Quera Salva - French , Dr. Alexandre Rouen - French, Dr. Emeric Saguin - French, Dr. Jonathan Taieb - French, Dr. Alain Toledano - French, Prof. Maria Surna - French, Dr. Marie Francoise Vecchierini - French, Dr. Uri Alkan - Israel, Dr. Eyal Rosenzweig - Israel, Dr. Shay Shemesh - Israel, Dr. Lilach Kemer - Israel, Dr. Rizan Nashef - Israel, Prof. Itzhak Braverman - Israel, Dr. Tzvika Hen - Israel, Dr. Orna Sever - Israel, Dr. Nissim Arish - Israel, Dr. Daniel Vasserman - Israel, Prof. Ari Derowe - Israel, Dr. Joel Reiter - Israel, Dr. Yaron Haviv - Israel, Dr. Gabriel Nakache - Israel, Dr. Eyal Botzer - Israel, Dr. Amit Green - Israel, Prof. Eva Olsevska - Israel, Prof. Rivi Tauman - Israel, Dr. Marc Buchris - Israel, Prof. Bachar Gideon - Israel, Dr. Eric Baltaxe - Israel, Mrs Shir Zohar Feigin - Israel, Prof. Yonatan Lahav - Israel


Event Categories: Health & Nutrition.

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