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Start Date : August 27, 2020
End Date : October 27, 2020
Time : 9:00 am to1:00 pm

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The TIGIT checkpoint has gained much attention in recent years due to the number of roles it plays in several malignancies. TIGIT’s diverse function in multiple cell types has made it a lucrative immunotherapy candidate, with an increasing number of candidates being investigated in pre-clinical and clinical settings.


As evidence of TIGIT’s clinical potential builds, the TIGIT Therapies Digital Consortium brings you a series of working groups, from the fundamental biology to early clinical development, and the next wave of ICI.


Hear from leaders in TIGIT development from Merck, Compugen, iTeos Therapeutics, Agenus and more!


Priming the immune system against solid tumors by leveraging immune checkpoint blockade has proven to be an effective tool in multiple malignancies.


Following the success of PD1/PDL1 checkpoint inhibitors a new wave of ICI now enters the clinic, amongst which TIGIT has shown exciting preliminary results and sparked great excitement in this nascent field. With 27 ongoing clinical trials investigating TIGIT in front- and second-line indications, a great deal of momentum has built in this competitive space.


However, core challenges must still be addressed by the community, such as:


Investigating the TIGIT pathway, ligands, and modes of action

Optimizing biomarker strategy to identify optimal patient populations and indications

Rationalizing combination strategy to leverage the TIGIT mechanism for maximum therapeutic benefit.


The TIGIT Therapies Digital Consortium will gather the greatest minds in TIGIT research in a series of monthly, themed seminars. Gain access to 1:1 time with leaders in TIGIT research, and take away tangible learnings with monthly executive summaries and exclusive content after the event.


In such a fast-paced industry, this is a unique opportunity to provide an overview of the ‘knowns and unknowns’ in the field, and draw a path for best practice in the safe development of TIGIT therapies with maximum clinical impact.


What is a Digital Consortium?

A series of virtual working groups that come together to harness the collective power of the industry’s “brain trust”.


We all know drug development rarely happens in isolation there is a need for a multitude of stakeholders to carry their weight and ensure the successful discovery, translation, and commercialization of therapeutics from bench to bedside.


Working with leaders in the industry we have developed a series of working groups that bring together the best and brightest minds within the development of TIGIT therapies to bring you the opportunity to share invaluable insights, leverage the collective experiences of years of expertise and network and collaborate with the movers and shakers; all with the ultimate aim of accelerating the clinical to commercial development of TIGIT therapies.


At a time when we are more isolated than ever, these working groups will break down barriers and provide the opportunity for frank and open discussion to ensure the continued progress and development of TIGIT therapies.

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Speakers: Dhan Chand, Scientific Director, Head of Drug Discovery, Agenus Bio, Jane Grogan, Chief Scientific Officer, Arsenal Bio, Vijay Kuchroo, Director Evergrande Center for Immunologic Diseases, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Eran Ophir, Vice President Research & Drug Discovery, Compugen Inc., Yvonne McGrath, Vice President Research & Development, iTeos Therapeutics, Ecaterina Dumbrava, Assistant Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Jane Healy, Senior Principal, Scientist Merck, Taylor Schreiber, CEO, Shattuck Labs, Michael Lim, Chair of Neurosurgery, Stanford University, Hassane Zarour, Professor of Medicine, Immunology ad Dermatology, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Walter Fielder, Principal Investigator, University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf, Navneet Bhogal, Principal Research Analyst, Beacon Targeted Therapeutics

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