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Topics in Cardiology, Preventive Cardiology, Cardiometabolic Disease, Preventive Endocrinology, and Lipidology

Start Date : December 1, 2018
End Date : September 8, 2018
Time : 3:30 pm to7:00 am

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  1. Management of Hyperlipidemia: A cardiologists perspective

    • Review the evidence to support the use of statins for primary and secondary prevention.

    • Review the evidence to support the elimination of non-statin therapy from lipid treatment guidelines.

    • Review of current national and international practice guidelines.

  2. Cardiac Risk Assessment: Risk calculators and incorporating cardiac imaging.

    • Appreciate the value and limitations of cardiovascular risk calculators.

    • Understand the utility and role of non-invasive arterial imaging modalities.

  3. Cardiac coronary artery CT imaging in the diagnosis of chest pain.

    • Protocols for coronary artery CT imaging; benefits, risks and value?

    • Identify appropriate candidates with chest pain syndromes for coronary artery CT imaging.

  4. The role of PCSK9 inhibitors in the treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

    • Understand the role of PCSK9 inhibitor therapy in management of dyslipidemia.

    • Review of clinical trials evaluating the clinical benefits of injectable PCSK9 treatment.

  5. Statin Intolerance/Resistance: Is the problem the patient or the drug?

    • Understand the physiologic basis and incidence of statin intolerance.

    • Review of treatment options for patients who are statin intolerant or resistant.

  6. Management of Symptomatic Stable CAD: Stents for everybody?

    • Appreciate in which patients are percutaneous coronary intervention and surgical revascularization are useful.

    • Review novel medical therapies for CAD.

  7. Plaque reversal: myth or reality?

    • Is the development of atheroscleotic plaque an inevitable consequence of untreated cardiovascular risk factors?

    • What is the evidence for interventions that claim to prevent plaque progression or promote plaque regression?

  8. Diabetes medications and new CV outcomes data

  9. Advanced biomarker testing

  10. Obesity from a perspective of a lipidologist

  11. Complex lipid management: case-based discussion

  12. Women and Heart Disease

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