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Topics in Emergency Medicine

Start Date : September 7, 2019
End Date : September 13, 2019
Time : 3:30 pm to7:00 am

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  1. The Holliman Healthcare Plan and Why You Should Get Involved in Social Activism

    • Describe the inter-relationships between healthcare reform, tort reform, welfare reform, and prison reform.

  2. The Role of Emergency Medicine in Global Health

    • Describe the current structure of emergency medical care in different countries

  3. Mammal Bites

    • State the indications for antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment of mammal bites

  4. Toxic Seafood Ingestions

    • List the potentially dangerous types of seafood

  5. Abdominal Pain

    • Describe the diagnosis and initial management of acute abdominal pain

  6. Allergic Emergencies

    • List the sequence and dosages of medications used to treat allergic emergencies

  7. Chemical Weapons

    • Describe the management of exposure to chemical agents

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