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Start Date : December 1, 2019
End Date : December 8, 2019
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  1. 1. Hyperlipidemia Practice Guidelines: Aiming for the Moving Target

    • Recognizing current lipid management guidelines

    • Identifying at-risk patients

    • Account for the gaps in common risk calculators

    • Apply knowledge to real world examples

  2. 2. Alphabet Soup: Updates in USPSTF Screening Guidelines

    • Identifying screening updates

    • Discuss controversial screening recommendations

    • Apply these guidelines to our patient population

  3. 3. The Heart of the Family: Role of the Family Medicine Provider in the Management of Heart Failure

    • Define the role of the primary care provider in heart failure

    • Discuss new recommendations in heart failure management and medications

    • Managing acute exacerbations in the clinic and outpatient settings

  4. 4. "I hurt all over": Fibromyalgia: Case- based

    • Describe the constellation of patient symptoms related to fibromyalgia and the overlap with many other common

    • Employ evidence based medicine to apply algorithm to real world patient examples

    • Recognizing fibromyalgia as a diagnosis of exclusion

  5. 5. An Arm's Length: Common Upper Extremity Maladies and Treatment Strategies for the Primary Care Office

    • Recognizing common upper extremity disorders

    • Identify the patient needing referral

    • Minimize unnecessary imaging

    • Utilizing appropriate upper extremity injections

  6. 6. From the Bedroom to the Exam Room: The Infertility Enigma Undressed

    • Defining infertility

    • Describe many contributing male and female factors

    • Discuss what can be managed in the family medicine clinic

    • Identify the patient who needs referral

  7. 7. Risky Business: Exposures in Healthcare Providers

    • Recognize that the healthcare profession incurs some inherent risk

    • Discuss common exposures and appropriate prophylaxis

    • Application to caring for healthcare providers

  8. 8. The High Price of Sugar: Balancing Novelty and Cost in Diabetes Management.

    • List commonly used diabetes treatments and identify their costs.

    • Select an appropriate treatment plan and utilize cost effective evidence based care.

  9. 9. I's going tibia ok: Osteoporosis Screening and Management

    • Describe appropriate screening for osteoporosis and summarize available treatments to employ a patient centered care plan.

  10. 10. The Pressure is Rising: The Ever Changing Hypertension Guideline

    • Cite current hypertension guidelines

    • Describe changes to recent guidelines and modify treatment plans to achieve blood pressure goals.

  11. 11. COPD: The GOLD and the New

    • Recognize the GOLD criteria for COPD diagnosis and identify the stepwise approach to COPD care management.

  12. 12. Thyroid: Too high, Too low, and the Pearls You Didn't Know

    • List appropriate thyroid axis abnormalities and describe appropriate, cost effective workup.

  13. 13. Final Destination: Navigating Through Conversations and Symptoms at the End of Life

    • Discover strategies for important conversations for end of life care.

    • Select appropriate treatment plans and apply to real world symptom management examples

  14. 14. Billing and Coding: Making Your Numbers Matter

    • Utilize a standard and repeatable process to choose correct coding for a clinic visit, document appropriately, and capture co-morbidities within the ICD-10 system

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