Topics in Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Women’s Health

Start Date : June 29, 2019
End Date : July 6, 2019
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  1. Premenstrual syndrome - How can I help my Patient?

    • Describe the pathogenesis and the diagnostic process in PMS

    • Describe the natural history and prognosis of PMS

    • Discuss the evidence for current treatment of PMS

    • Apply the latest recommendations how to manage effectively PMS.

  2. High Risk Pregnancy: Doctor - what about my future health?

    • To discuss recent recommendations for follow up and intervention in women who had high-risk pregnancy conditions in their past pregnancies such as: preeclampsia /eclampsia, fetal intra uterine growth restriction and gestational diabetes

    • The participants will be able to detect the long term consequences of these high risk pregnancy conditions

    • The participants will be able describe possible future health problems of the offspring of these high-risk pregnancy mothers in accord with barker hypothesis

    • The participants will be able to assess the importance of continuous blood pressure measurements, glucose and lipid profile levels, weight reduction programs when appropriate according to the specific high-risk pregnancy.

  3. Diabetes in pregnant women and beyond

    • Differentiate the different types of diabetes during pregnancy.

    • Discuss the latest evidence-based recommendations of the medical measures to be taken before pregnancy in a known diabetic patient.

    • Apply the appropriate management of diabetes during pregnancy, delivery and post-partum

    • Discuss different management options in gestational diabetes and pre-gestational diabetes

    • Apply evidence-based treatment options using the latest technological advances of insulin pumps and continuous glucose sensors when appropriate.

  4. Infertility - Basic evaluation of the couple

    • Describe the basic diagnostic steps and treatment options of infertile patients

    • Discuss the preliminary evaluation needed in both male female and unexplained infertility

    • Apply an up to date methodological and structured evaluation using the different fertility tests and treatment options according to the medical finding presented

    • Explain infertility patients the cause of their problem and help them in the decision-making process of how to reach their goal of having a baby

  5. Sexual problems - How can I help my patients, from teenagers to the elderly

    • Differentiate various common causes of both female and male sexual problems

    • Discuss the latest recommendations for treating sexual dysfunction

    • Apply a structured comfortable evaluation of the sexual dysfunction

    • Determine when to refer the patient for further evaluation and treatment by a Psychological therapist or Sexologist

  6. Chronic pelvic pain - A practical approach

    • Discuss recent recommendations of the evaluation of chronic pelvic pain

    • Apply evaluation plan in a methodological manner

    • Assess female chronic pelvic pain through both noninvasive and invasive diagnostic procedures

    • Describe and apply the appropriate therapy needed according to the diagnosis

  7. Examination and treatment of Common vulvar/vaginal complaints

    • Differentiate between Bacterial vaginosis, Yeast infections and trichomonas vaginalis.

    • Discuss diagnosis and management of common vulvovaginal infections

    • Describe the diagnostic office tests for differentiating these infections through few simple tests performed

    • Apply effective treatment for these common vaginal and vulvar pathological conditions

  8. Upper Respiratory Infections

  9. Lower Respiratory Infections

  10. Hypertension Update

  11. Hyperlipidemia Update

  12. Evidence-based Medicine

  13. Prevention in Primary Care (Parts 1 and 2)

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