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Topics in Sports Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Start Date : February 17, 2019
End Date : February 24, 2019
Time : 4:00 pm to6:15 am

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  1. Exercised induced asthma and vocal cord dysfunction in the approach to athletes with shortness of breath or chronic fatigue

    • Describe the differential diagnosis of shortness of breath in athletes vs. chronic fatigue.

  2. The pre-participation sports physical: Making it a worthwhile exercise for parents, athletes and medical personnel.

    • Explain the appropriate work-up of infections mono and safe return to play.

  3. Hand, finger, wrist injuries in athletes. (includes splinting vs. surgical approach)

    • Describe the differences in "jammed finger" injuries from volar plate injury (ligament tear), mallet finger, Jersey finger and fracture.

  4. Initial evaluation and management of sports concussions.

    • Ensure that the participant is aware of the factors that predispose athletes to prolonged recovery from sports concussion.

  5. A systematic approach to assessment of sports shoulders injuries.

    • Ensure that participants will be able to differentiate and manage dislocated shoulder vs. separated shoulder.

  6. Spine injuries in athletes: differentiating the workup and management in young athletes adults.

    • Upon completion of this session a participant should be able to determine the appropriate use of x-rays, MRI, bone scan and CTs.

  7. Stress fractures in athletes: Identifying low risk vs. high risk fractures

    • Describe the hallmark presentation of Jones fracture, tarsal navicular and proximal/anterior tibial stress fractures and femoral neck and be aware of the implications of missing them.

  8. Treatment of Respiratory Tract Infections in Adults and Children

    • Develop treatment strategies for Otitis media, sinusitis and pneumonia

  9. Immunization Update: Adults

    • Develop strategies for implementing new vaccines such as the new shingles vaccine into schedules

  10. Immunization Update: Pediatrics

    • Develop strategies for addressing vaccine hesitancy

  11. Avoiding Common Diagnostic Pitfalls

    • Spot situations can can often lead to diagnostic errors

  12. Using New Diagnostic Modalities

    • Consider how new tests can be cost effectively added to patients they treat

  13. Animal Bites and Related Syndromes

    • Identify common pathogens and treatment guidelines

  14. Approach to the Patient With Lymphadenopathy

    • identify common etiologies including EBV, cat scratch and Mycobacteria

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