Understanding CMS NCCI Edits and the Relative Value File

Start Date : July 10, 2019
End Date : July 10, 2019
Time : 2:00 pm to3:00 pm

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Accurate billing and smooth claim process are the backbones of every healthcare organization. And to be efficient with the process, commercial insurance carriers and medical coders must understand the use of CMS NCCI edits and Physician Relative Value File.


Therefore, Lynn Anderanin, in her latest session, will address the use of CMS NCCI and Physicians Relative Value File to determine how and when a claim must be paid.


Attend the Live Webinar to learn when to use the file information for coding claims, MEU, 3-part NCCI files, and customization of the file for an easier use in your office.


Session Highlights


·         To understand the three parts of the NCCI File.

·         Defending coding scenarios by referencing the files.

·         Determine when to use the file information for coding claims.

·         What information can be used from the Relative Value File?

·         Using the NCCI Policy Manual as a coding tool.


Who Should Attend?


·         Coders and Billers

·         Physicians

·         Physician Assistants

·         Nurse Practitioners

·         Auditors and Collectors

·         Surgery Schedulers

·         Medical Assistants

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