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Updates in Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Emergency Medicine

Start Date : July 14, 2019
End Date : July 21, 2019
Time : 5:00 pm to7:00 am

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  1. Litigation Stress

    • Discuss the typical physical and emotional reactions

    • Learn to develop support systems and utilize privileged communications.

    • Discuss methods to cope with the pressure of a claim, develop a sense of perspective

  2. Medical Errors/Patient Safety in the Emergency Department

    • Discuss patient safety and the impact on health care outcomes and finances

    • Discuss practical patient safety initiatives for the ED

    • Discuss crew resource behavior management, teamwork, role clarification, communication styles and tips.

  3. Violence in the Emergency Department
      Develop strategies to promote safety, security and dignity for all involved.
    • Learn how we influence whether a crisis is prevented or escalates and how to respond properly and professionally during crisis moments

  4. ENT Tricks of the Trade

    • Review common head and neck emergencies.

    • Discuss treatment options for these emergencies.

    • Describe procedures to treat head and neck complaints.

  5. Effective Communications and Conflict Management Skills in the Emergency Department

    • Discuss the impact of an unhealthy workplace and contributors to incivility

    • Discuss communication and personal development tips to improve your worksite

    • Discuss how we respond and communicate under stress

    • Discuss how our own behavior impacts that of our colleagues

  6. Generational Synergy in the ED

    • Discuss the 5 generations encountered in the workplace and their characteristics.

    • Describe the interactions between generations and its effect on the workplace environment.

  7. Bringing Your Soul to Work: Resilience in the ED

    • Discuss current statistics on Discouraged Doctors, the individual and group dynamics causing workplace stress and strategies to find meaning in our work.

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