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Women’s Health

Start Date : August 10, 2019
End Date : August 18, 2019
Time : 5:00 pm to7:00 am

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Women's Health: Tools for all practitioners

The course is specifically geared towards any practitioner who treats women, including gynecologists, family physicians, internists, nurse practitioners, and nurses

  1. The Bladder: Incontinence and Irritability

    • Discuss evaluation of a patient reporting symptoms of incontinence and list treatment options for same

  2. Menopausal Medicine: WHI and Beyond

    • Counsel a patient on the use of HRT/ET, review a patient?s risk of using HRT/RT based on current data, and provide appropriate treatment options for a patient for menopausal symptoms

  3. Osteoporosis 101

    • List the current recommendations for evaluating a patient for osteoporosis and be able to determine a patient's risk for fracture using simple tools and subsequently establish a treatment plans for their patients

  4. Contraception: What's New, what's old and what's to come?

    • Counsel a patient regarding all of their contraceptive options based on the age and their particular medical condition

  5. Vaginal Bugs and their Drugs

    • Describe the evaluation of a woman reporting a vaginal discharge and will be able to provide a treatment plan for the most common vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases

  6. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    • Describe the most common causes of abnormal uterine bleeding and will be able to explain treatment options for each of these

  7. Gynecological Surgeries/Topics of Controversy: Can a Robot Really Do It All? Morsels about Morcellation, Choosing more wisely with Choosing Wisely, What's the Mess about Mesh?--timely Gyn controversies in the news

    • Discuss with patients some of the new surgical procedures available and counsel patients during the pre-operative decision-making period and be facile with some of the GYN topics in the lay press

  8. Breast Diseases

    • Benign and Beyond:Describe the evaluation of a breast mass and create a treatment plan for evaluating an abnormal mammogram.

  9. Ovarian Masses

    • What's a Doctor to Do?: Describe the features of an ovarian mass that make it suspicious for a malignancy as well as those features that are low and indeterminate risk.

  10. Female Sexuality

    • Where Do I Begin? Describe the evaluation and outline an initial treatment plan of a patient diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction

  11. Vulvar Pain Syndromes and Dermatological Disorders

    • Describe the 3 most common vulvar skin conditions and outline the evaluation and treatment of a patient with a vulvar skin condition.

  12. Cancer and Genetics

    • Identify patients at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancer and devise a plan for referral of these high risk patients for genetic counseling and testing.

  13. Pap Smears and HPV : What's New?

    • Describe the recommended cervical cancer screening guidelines for a low risk and an at risk patient and outline a strategy for application of the these guidelines to their clinical practice.

  14. Teaching Wellness to Wonder Woman

    • Develop a strategy to counsel patients during a well-woman visit on basic lifestyle changes that will improve her overall quality of life.

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