Q: What if I can’t remember my password and/or user ID?

A: If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, go to the Login page or find the “my account” area on the right sidebar. Click the “Forgot your password?” link. Next, enter the E-mail you used when you registered and Submit. You will receive an E-mail shortly thereafter containing your password or an option to reset it.

*Please note: if you do not receive our automated E-mail soon after, it may be that your computer has intercepted it as Spam mail. In this case, you should check your system’s Spam filter and locate our E-mail there. If you cannot, please contact us.


Q: How do I change my password?

A: After login, go to the Login page or find the “my account” area on the right sidebar.  Click the “Change Password” button then enter and confirm your new password.


Q: I’m having problems with some of the functionality of your website, what’s wrong?

A: This site is best viewed in recent versions of major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. If you are having issues, try upgrading your browser to a more recent version.


Q: I can’t log into the website, what should I do?

A: Make sure that you are using the correct user ID and password. Remember that your user ID is the E-mail address that you used when first signing up. Also, user IDs and passwords are case sensitive, meaning that if you used uppercase or lowercase letters when signing up, you must use the same case when logging in.


For additional assistance using our service, please contact us via this website or call us: eHealthcare Solutions at (609) 882-8887.